Some Things Just Go Hand-In-Hand

Gossip From The Southern Garden

I’ve been providing horticultural services for over 30 years and I can say with confidence that there are certain types of people who have a true love of plants.  From the simple exotic Orchid to the complex landscape design, there are people out there who have made plants an important part of their live. Obviously I am one of them.

New plantings in beds or containers are planned with meticulous attention to detail, parties and special events are planned with plants and flowers being an intricate part of the decorating.  New plants or flowers added to the interior bring a feeling of joy.  There is a special feeling of contentment felt when we can spent a day working in the garden.

But do you know what else I’ve noticed about plant lovers?  Most are also ANIMAL lovers!


There are days that I go from account to account and I am…

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