Life’s Goals!


Goals. We all have them; some are in our job, some are in our recreation some are in our family life

.thG0ML15XD Even the writer has goals. Our goals may be to write a certain number of chapters a week, a certain number of pages a day or even a certain number of words when we sit down at our desk to write. There is a certain satisfaction while we find we are accomplishing these goals and as they are accomplished we find that we can actually increase the number of pages, words and chapters that we write a single setting. You can almost take a deep breath and let out a big sigh when you come to the end of the chapter and when you come to the end of the book there is a feeling of such accomplishment that you just have to take a moment to celebrate.

When I was a young woman my goals were established for me both by my parents and society. I had the freedom to choose where I want to go with my life but there were certain expectations that my parents had for me; the biggest one of course was to be happy. Then there was also the hope that I would find someone to love, then marry and start a family. Of course that had to wait until after college. And I was fortunate; I was able to accomplish these goals. I found a man I love, received an education in the field I wanted to pursue and ultimately found the job that I love. The next obvious goal was to start a family.


Once I became a parent the cycle started again and it was time to help my son work towards his goals in life. I have found that as a parent, there is no greater joy than to see your child achieve the goals and accomplishments that he has set out for himself. You hold your breath as you watch and struggle to not to take control as he works to achieve his goals, pushing him on when he feels it is just too hard and he can’t reach his goal You become the biggest cheerleader when each goal is finally met. Whether your child is struggling to make it to a team sport, accomplishing a new piece of music or going through the process of making new friends, you hold your breath and wait to see him look forward towards the next goal that he has set.

As your son achieves his goals and moves forward with his life your goals become different, once again.

Now is the time in your life for yourself and your husband!  




… and setting out goals that will take you into your golden years.


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