Yea! It’s Summer.

The dog days of summer are here!

Schools out. Graduations are over. Vacations are starting. And the long days return to heat, humidity, and fun. Whether you’re sitting by the pool sipping a sweet tea, stretched out on the sand at the beach or camping in the wilderness; there some activities that just screams summer.


The summer can be a time of relaxation, or a time to catch up and get all those extra chores and Honey-Do lists done around the house. This is also a time to start anew; to get ready for the whole new beginning whether the new job, a new home, a new town. Summertime is also the time when some are house shopping, so they can be in their new home by the start of school. This is the time for families to have reunions and catch up with each other.


But for me summertime is a time to relax, a time to write, a time to read, the time to just enjoy God’s earth.

There are so many things to see if you just take the time to look. Down here where we live most of the Tourists going back up north and traffic is much lighter; now is the time we will see a lot more wildlife come out in the open. It’s mating season for gators, the otters are out playing in the ponds more, the birds are everywhere, turtles are laying their eggs.


Yes, summer time in the south takes on a very relaxed, laid back feeling. So will you spend your time lounging by the pool, trying to surf the waves at the beach, camping and getting back to nature; or you going to go in some exotic vacations and see other parts of the country or around the world?


Whatever you do; it’s your summer-have fun and enjoy it!


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