Road signs.

Have you ever noticed the many road signs you can see as you travel?

What’s even more fun is the fact that the road signs often reflect the community in which they are found for instance down here in Florida it’s not at all unusual to find a road sign that says Alligator Crossing or Peacock Crossing. A new caution sign I saw was Turtle Crossing; I guess you really have to watch for that one, and take your time.

th6TF624UE 330183340-28075439 th5EZLSZLZ gI_75026_Turtle-Xing-with-Graphic-Sign-K-9047

In a more mountainous area you might find road signs that say Rock Slide dangers or Avalanches Zone. These road signs give you cautions as you drive around town doing your daily activities help you be safe and get to where you’re going with minimal hazards.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were road signs for life events? Like that guy you’re going to go out on a date with. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a big sign that showed up and said Caution Crazy or Boring!

Other signs I would have liked to have loved to have seen when you’re raising your kids are signs that give warning for those trigger points that can lead to temper tantrums and fights between brothers and sisters. Although kids don’t come with a handbook, they do come with a lot of challenges. Can you imagine having road sign that can direct you around upcoming problems? Image signs that tells you; Caution get plenty of sleep, you’ll be up all night with a crying baby or

Caution child will climb tree and fall, breaking an arm.climb tree

But we don’t have road signs in our life, we just have to go from our own judgment experience and the wisdom of others around us who have been through it before us. And part of getting that wisdom is going through the experience yourself, without the road signs and with mistakes.

So you go forward with the adventure of life and parenthood. Hopefully when your child gets to be old enough you can teach them some of the road signs they are going to have to look for and point them in the right direction.

It will be up to them to read the signs as they show up on life highway.

beautiful life sign


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