Are you a people watcher?

Have you ever sat and watch somebody and wondered what’s going on behind those eyes; what are they thinking about? What is their next move going to be?


You can have a lot of fun inventing stories about the actions of others around you just by watching as they react and interact with others. In your mind you have your story all figured out. You anticipate their moods and you smile to yourself when they do exactly what you thought they were going to. 

But then it happens. Somebody does something totally unexpected before you know it, your mind is going off and all other different types tangents.  Your story has taken in a twist.


 Adults can be pretty predictable in their actions and may not lead to as many interesting stories, but children? Children always seem to do the unexpected. Their minds are open and they’re ripe and ready for exploration and learning. This often leads them to discoveries that you might not see, just because we expect a specific outcome. They take simple delight in the little things around them and they are easily amused by the everyday things. As adults we tend to become complacent and a little cynical. The simple things that a child thinks is amusing we may think is boring or mundane.

And if you happen to be watching animals, wild or domestic, you can almost always count on being surprised!

So, maybe we need to open our minds as we watch the actives of those around us and see things through a child’s eyes or an animal’s honest reaction.

Really SEE, and our stories are sure to be authentic: we might be taken by surprise more often.


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