Sleep? Not Me!

It’s happened again!

lost in thought

I’ve  caught myself staring off into space, not really paying attention to what’s going on around me as I formed the thoughts of the next scene of my book. I’m oblivious to what people are saying and doing. I’m sure every author has gone through this: that constant state of thinking ahead of what you want to write. Sometimes the make-believe world gets in the way the real world.

Have your ever had one of those nights where you just keep thinking of something over and over and over until finally nothing is going to solve the sleeplessness but to get out of bed, sit in front of the computer and write down what’s going on in your mind? And isn’t it amazing how once you’ve written that last word and click enter, you’re ready to go back to sleep with no problems? Your mind has released what it needed for you to write and now you can relax. At least until the next compelling thought comes along!

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But writers aren’t the only ones to get caught in this maze of forgetfulness. I know many of my friends have admitted to getting in their car, driving to a destination and not remember doing the actual driving; their mind has been on something completely different. Sometimes it amazes me how we actually live and survive in this hectic world without having some kind of major accident happen to us. It’s as if our mind is able to compartmentalized itself. One part of your mind is going full throttle on working out your thoughts and ideas, while the other part of your mind is keeping you on the straight narrow and, hopefully, safe. The mind is truly a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

I’ve learned from experience not to judge somebody when I see a kind of dazed look on their face, or when they don’t answer my question right away. You never know where their mind has wandered off to; it might be a better conversation then they’re having with me, you never know.


So keep thoughts flowing keep, yourself safe and let your imagination roam. That’s what God gave it to us for, it’s what puts us on the elevation chart, higher than the animals.

And try to get a good night’s sleep!


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