A Foggy World

It’s midmorning, and the fog still lingers across the lake.


The sun hasn’t come out from behind the clouds to burn it off yet, and there is a slight damp chill to the air. The wind shifts, and you can see the thick misty vapor drift, thicken in clusters forming pockets of blindness around the cove.
You feel a sense of peace, of being wrapped in a blanket like a moth in a cocoon. In the distance, you can hear the traffic behind you, but for the most part it’s quiet. The birds cry to each other as they drift out in the water, sometimes within easy vision, sometimes drifting into that pocket of fog and momentarily disappearing.

As I watch the fishermen, busy down past the pier, I wonder how they can tell where their line is going as a cast into the river. When it arches over their heads, it seems to disappear. Then suddenly you hear a splash and see it landed in the water, but for that instant it was as if it had vanished.

I hear the sound of a rhythmic paddle’s back splash, and I look towards the sound coming out of the fog. It’s a kayak with its lone paddler enjoying his morning solitude. This is the perfect time for meditation and prayer. There is nothing visually to disturb you as you look out over the water and contemplate the day ahead of you.

As you watch a the almost mirror-like surface of the water in front of you, a circle of ripples from the activity of the fish below the water forms. Occasionally one will jump and clear the surface landing with a splash. The noise will catch the attention of the lone pelican floating on the water, who will leisurely work his way over to see if breakfast is arriving. This morning even the pelicans to seem to be uninterested. Everything seems to be waiting for the fog to clear so the day can begin in earnest.


I sit watching the Pelican float with the current, moving through the misty pockets of fog, and the wind shifts; a clear patch begins to form the horizon. The day is changing. Already I can see the outlines of the islands in the river, and soon the sun will be out. The warm rays will burn off the last of the fog, and the area will take on a whole new look. The day’s activity is ready begin along the waterway.

But for now it’s a quiet, little place full of mystery and wonder.


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