A Different Kind of Halloween

It’s Halloween night, and I’m having second doubts!


For some reason this year, I guess for many reasons this year, we decided not to celebrate Halloween. There’s no spooky ghosts in our front trees; there are no Halloween lights, and no witch at the door to welcome our little trick-or-treaters. It all sounded perfectly rational when we made the decision to let Halloween pass us by this year. Now, on all hollows eve, I’m beginning to think we were crazy. We’re missing out on all the fun. The fun of watching the little kids come to the door begging for their tricks or treats. Or watching the teenagers try to play it cool, not wanting to admit they still want to get their candy, too.


Instead were huddled in a dark house; the shades are drawn and the lights are off. All in the fear that people will know that we are home, not answering the door. (I feel like the Kranks, who skipped Christmas.) We cringe at the sound of laughter as the kids skip up and down the road outside our home, praying they don’t walk up our sidewalks. It seems silly to worry about what the neighbors think of how you celebrate your holiday. Let’s be honest; it’s a silly holiday to begin with. Mostly just for fun and a little bit of fright. Maybe it wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t a  holiday that in the past, I go all out for. Witches would swing from the trees, lights glow from pumpkins and ghosts blow in the wind.


Well, I’ve made the decision. Now I have to sit here with my husband and our kittens, pretending not to be home.  I hear the children giggling and laughing as they start to walk up the dark path to my front door. A word of warning from a vigilant parent and they go to the next house, leaving us behind. Well, you can be bet that next year my house will be decorated the hilt! You’ll be able to tell that our house is ready for Halloween from down the street. Yes, next year I’m going to makeup for this year’s mistake.

In the meantime everybody have a happy, spooky Halloween!


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