Cool Cats!

Just what is it about the cold-weather that brings out the crazy in the cat? Any pet owner, be it dog or cat, will attest to the fact that when the weather turns chilly, cats and dogs get just a little bit frisky!


This morning was a perfect example. We had our first cold spell of the season; we broke a couple of records, it was that chilly. But instead of our cats cuddling up next to us in a nice warm bed, they woke up acting crazy. They run from one end of the house together, knocking over anything in their way. Jumping on and over each other going just 50 miles an hour running in circles, they are overflowing with energy. I looked over at my husband, and we wonder; what next?


Where did my cuddly little kittens go that like to curl up under a warm blanket? Instead, I have these little Tasmanian Devils that keep running from one end to the house to the next, looking for trouble. They’re getting into things that have been there for months that they’ve never even noticed. They’re pulling blankets down, knocking bowls of water over as they race by in a whirl. They’re terrorizing our older cat, who’s looking at them with a smug smile on her face. But, I noticed that the older cat has a little spring in her step as well.

And I know  when we had our dog it was the same thing; he would jump up in the air, run around in the yard rolling over and over in the leaves, happy as could be.


But as the day wears on, and the sun comes out and warms the air, I notice that all is quiet in the house. I search for my little trouble-makers, and find them in the sunniest spot of the porch. There, my feline friends are curled up together, sucking up the warmth of the sun.

They’ve worn themselves out and are enjoying their afternoon nap.


One thought on “Cool Cats!

  1. I call that “the mad half hour” lol. In my case they like to race across my bed to get onto the windowledge for like 30 seconds before leaping down and racing off again. Which is cool, unless I am in the bed and my belly gets used as a springboard – both times :-/ 😀


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