Remember the Emotion, Use the Emotion

Turn something bad into good, this writer’s way to deal with a bit of a set back.

It was not a good way to start the day…

I opened the passenger side door of my car as usual this morning. At first everything seems normal and I throw my briefcase and purse on the floor. Then I notice a notebook that is normally in the glove box is on the seat. I look a little closer, and I realize the compartment where I store my business cards and extra cash is open.

I begin a frantic search, making sure that everything is there – but it’s not. The cash and change are gone, and I feel a moment of panic- is a car registration still there? I open the envelope, yes it’s still there. But somehow they missed the $20 bill that was lying between the document pages. Now I know that it must’ve just been kids looking for some quick cash. Or maybe somebody on drugs? Nothing was trashed or damaged, so the idea of a drug user doesn’t make sense. Maybe it was just someone monkeying around and they got lucky.

I hope that whoever took it needed it and wasn’t just being malicious. I hope that if it was the kids, the next time they try this stunt on someone else they get caught and taught a lesson.

Even though there’s only a few dollars missing and some change I still feel violated. My skin crawls and I look around to see if there’s anything left behind from the person that broke in. I now decide I need to empty the car completely out and get it thoroughly washed inside and out. Regardless of whether it was just kids fooling around or if it was somebody on drugs- looking for money, I still feel unclean, even though I had nothing to do with it.


Then there’s the anger over the fact that the car was left unlocked by somebody other than me! But that’s petty and I get over it quickly and then I praise God that I remembered for some unknown reason to take my electronics out of the car. These are things that I normally leave in the car. Something told me to reach back into the car and throw them into my briefcase.
I guess this is a good reminder to listen to your feelings and follow your instincts.


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