Camp Time!

I’m going to camp!

Who thought that in my 50’s I’d be excited about going to camp? But, it’s not the kind camp you’re thinking of. There will be no tents for me, no campfires, no S’mores. I won’t be swatting at mosquitoes or telling tales late at night. At least not in reality.

No the kind of camp but I’m going to visit virtual camp. It is a camp for writers, and it’s called Camp NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month).


What that means is that I have committed myself to writing at least a rough draft of a novel within one months’ time. Yeah, I know, sounds crazy doesn’t it?

So I’ve signed up for camp, been assigned my cabin, and have met my 12 cabin mates. It’s actually pretty exciting.

It’s also a big commitment, and one that I’m not taking lightly. There will no more TV for me for the month, or binge reading of an entire series. Well, at least not as much. I will be concentrating on getting in serious writing time, with little distractions and lots of productivity.


It starts April 1. (Maybe it is a coincidence about that date- after all us writers just might be fools)
I have already stocked up on preserves to get me through the month. I stopped on my way home today and picked up a bag of candy kisses- got to have your chocolate! I’ve got tons of tea and coffee stashed and of course bottled water, we’re get serious here. My song play list is updated and waiting and I have informed my husband that I “have plans” for the evenings this month.

So please excuse me if I don’t blog as much during the month of April. I have some serious writing to do on this novel and I’m going to get it done.

Basic RGB

If all goes according to plan, there should be a new Citrus Beach Mystery to add to the series.


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