Camp Report

NaNoWriMo Camp for April 2015


Now’s the time to report on my first experience at NaNoWriMo camp and I have to tell you I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Camp was stressful one minute and had me flying in the air the next minute. I wasn’t sure I could complete, the challenge but I not only lived up to my goal, I exceeded it. I finished the camp five days early and 6000 words over my goal! Below is the cover for my camp project.

Basic RGB
It was fun to have cabin mates to talk to and work through the rough spots we encouraged each other answered questions. We did everything but toast marshmallows as we struggled our way through our goals.
I proved to myself that I cannot only write a book in a short period of time but the results can actually be a good book. The trick for me and many others, as I’ve heard, is just write. Don’t worry about editing as you go, don’t worry about whether everything works out perfectly on paper. Simply “free-write” let the words come and worry about making sense of it all late when you reach the editing stage. When I went back and reread what I had written I there were not too many changes other than normal editing. The flow of the manuscript was smooth with only a few minor changes.
Now I will to admit I had a good support system at home too. My son was away at college that so there was no distractions from that end, and my husband understood what I was doing. Sometimes I felt guilty because he was sitting in the living room watching TV by himself but he said go write, so I went and wrote.
July starts another camp. Will I sign? You bet! It’s already done. As a matter fact, I’ve created a private cabin with 12 other authors joining me. Authors that I share communications with in another forum. We’re ready to enjoy a fun time at camp. I even heard some whispers about cabin wars…
I’m sure with this group, no one will be sneaking off into the woods to play when we should be writing. We will have fun sitting around the campfire telling our stories, but will be right back into the cabin to finish up what we talked about. Encouragement will be plenty, but so will sternness on keeping everybody on task
So I have a few things to wrap up; some editing and outlines before the end of June. Then I’m ready for July camp. I’m looking forward to the July camp-I know it’s stressful and I know it’s a commitment but I’m up for it.
I’ll keep you all abreast of what’s going on. Who knows with this group camp cabin mates I might have some really juicy stories to share at the end of camp.



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