It’s a Writers 4 Letter Word

Pen In Hand, Words on Page

There’s a new four letter word that should be added to the dictionary. It would have to be classified as a one of those awful swearwords. E.D. I. T.!!

Now don’t get me wrong I know its important essential part of every author’s craft, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Because, I sure don’t! For me, I would rather write story, letting the words flow as my thoughts wander to fill that empty page with words.
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And but commonsense and experience has shown me that I can write all the flowing words I want. However, if they’re not edited properly, they end up making a massive mess on paper.
By nature I’m a terrible speller, so what I say when I’m dictating or what I’m writing out phonetically may not always be the proper way the word should be used. Grammar is a science and there are…

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One thought on “It’s a Writers 4 Letter Word

  1. I used to hate editing my own stuff in the beginning. It felt very painful and awkward to look back at my own terrible writing. But when I was forced to do it I realized that editing is the second necessary half of writing, because not only are you editing but you’re usually also writing more or writing something differently. Also, more often than not, presenting a good story also means cutting out the fluff. I’ve realized editing makes my stories way better, which is why I have no problem with it now.

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