Stolen Time

Stolen Time


In our hectic pace and of life were and other obligations it’s amazing how guilty we feel when we steal a little time for ourselves. But a few stolen moments are essential for your well-being. Constantly being on the go without taking a break to sit and relax in prayer meditation or let your thoughts wander can make a difference in your mental health.

And do you ever noticed how drained you are when you just go, go, go. Yet if you take five minutes to sit and relax, you feel like you’ve gotten a second breath. So imagine how well you would feel with a whole day of stolen time

What would you do it that day of stolen time? Would you go to the beach and hang out? Would you walk through the woods listening to the birds and enjoying the quiet? Where does the book you plan on spending all day reading take you?

With that whole day of stolen time do you spend it in the movies? Or do you go on an adventure you have been putting off; that road trip or day spent in nature on a canoe?

Can’t manage a whole day? Then maybe a trip to the library or a bit of shopping will give you a breather. What about some stolen time with a friend you haven’t seen a long time or some real quality time with your family?

Whatever you do with your stolen time, I think it’s essential that you make it your time. Include others if you want to, but you need time for yourself time to unwind, relax, and breathe

As for me, I’m going to steal a quiet hour and sit by the river and just….just….just….

Well, you get the idea!


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