The Winds of Change


Today the wind is strong and furious coming out of the southwest. Tomorrow it is going to shift, and it will be coming cold and hard out of the Northeast.
And isn’t that just like life? Things change on a whim, or like a shift of the wind, the best laid plans are put aside. Other parts of your life take over and become more demanding, needing more attention. You shift things around as you go through life, sometimes one thing has a higher priority — other times it’s something else.
I find few things that are consistent in my life. But my love family and God is always consistent. And another one is my passion for writing.
My writing may get pushed to the background now and then, but it’s always there. I’m always plotting the next story, the next plot line or the next witty conversation between characters.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, because I know that I never go through with them, at least not more than a week or two. Why look, it’s already the first week of February, and I haven’t even made one.
I do, however, believe in lifestyle changes. One of the biggest lifestyle change I’ve made so far this year is for me to be in control and not let the little things control me.
This year I will put my desires above the mundane things in life that always seem to take over. One of those desires is to write and write prolifically. I read from some very good writers, that even if you can only write a paragraph a day-you do it. They swear that blogging is a great way to start.
My first step is to get back to my blog. I do apologize for not being consistent with that, so bear with me as I get back on my feet again. It’s time to get  a blog out once or twice a week– in between the editing, the gardening, the shopping, the housework… well, you get the idea.
So here’s to a productive 2016.

This isn’t a resolution, instead it’s a goal towards a life change.


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