You Need to Read

As a writer I don’t think there’s any possible way to not be a reader. The two go hand in hand, they coexist and they feed off of each other.

Personally, my shelves are full of books. Both my shelves made of wood and my viral shelves you can find on my Kindle. Like any avid reader, I have my favorite authors and my favorite books. Some of my favorite books I’ve reread many times, and each time I find something different I missed the first time I enjoyed it.
As a writer, reading another writer’s work is a wonderful exercise- not that you copy- but you’re inspired. If you write in a specific genera such as mysteries, like I do, then it’s smart to read other mystery writers. Find out how their works flow, how they drop in the red herrings and back stories. You can learn a lot from other a writers’ style and even from the comments written by the readers. But even using reading as an exercise in learning, there’s a more important reason for me to read: to clear my mind and relax.
There are certain times which call for a book. On a cold winter evening when you’re sitting in front of a fireplace, what’s the better time to pick up the cat and a book and settle in for a couple of hours? Or maybe you would rather relax on the beach for the day.


Reading is a stress reliever, and I think it shows very clearly most people feel this way. When you look at a doctor’s office and see the number of magazines sitting there to help people relax or the patience to come in with their own books to read while they wait patiently, or maybe not so patiently.
As a parent, it is vital we teach our children to read. They can’t get along and our world without this skill. I think it’s just as important to teach our children to love to read to find the excitement in each book; the adventure waiting to be envisioned by the imagination of the reader.


Nothing breaks my heart more than to see books thrown away. Now granted, some books may be damaged and need to be thrown away, but perfectly good books are thrown away just because they don’t want to take up the space? That doesn’t seem right. There are so many people who want to read and don’t have accessed books. Donate them, to give them to your library, to your Community Center, to children’s group. People are always looking for books to read, so, do your share and recycle those books for the next reader.



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