Our True Friends


My personal opinion is that, in general, writers are introverted lot.

We would rather hold private conversations with our characters than talk to a group of strangers. We are most comfortable when we’re talking about our books, or planning our next story.
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we’re antisocial, I’m just saying we feel more comfortable on our own, with our thoughts raging inside our head, rather than making small talk.
Oh I’m sure there’s the social butterfly or two out there who’s written some great books. They can carry on conversations with just about anybody and draw people like bees to honey. But I rather think they would be the exception.
I’ve also found that most writers seem to have pet; cats, dogs, birds. I’ve even seen some with rabbits or lizards. The list goes on, but we’re comfortable having a pet to talk to.
This brings me to the root of my blog- our pets.

Have you ever noticed as a writer,  you have a ritual that you have to go through before you’re ready to write? You get your laptop open, your notes in front of you, the proper music on- setting the mood. You’re all set to get in some solid writing time- and then cat walks across the keyboard, or your dog paws at your leg wanting to go for a walk.
It never fails, this is inevitable, and it makes me wonder if they wait for that exact moment or if it’s just second nature to them. Personally, I think they wait, and watch, and just when you’re comfortable and ready to settle down, they demand attention. Or what often happens in my household is this; I’ll be going along really strong, right in the middle of a writing frenzy, and my cats decide that I’ve ignored them long enough. Next thing I know, there’s crashes in the other room, or one of them is climbing up the chair to look over my shoulder and find out what I’m doing. If all else fails, there’s that flop on the keyboard to make me stop.

free image cat on laptop
But I love my pets, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. No matter how many times they plop on my keyboard, or send my notes flying to the floor, or knock my glasses behind the desk, I know that for some reason they need my attention. It usually works out that is the same time that I personally need to get up and stretch. Or walk around the house and clear my head because I’m stuck in a story-line.
So, I simply smile, and give my kitties a hug, and thank them for bringing me back to earth.


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