Conversing with the Competition

Conversing with the Competition

Very early in my landscape career I was taught to valuable lessons I’ve never forgotten and that I often fall back on. The first one is simple give back to your community when you’re able to. The second one is a bit more tongue-in-cheek, and if you’re not confident, it can be a little overwhelming. And that is get to know your competition. Start out in a social setting and before long you’re sharing laughs and notes about the industry.


I recently found out that the writing Community is loving loyal and giving. They’re more than willing to share their thoughts ideas and experiences with New writers. They’re almost eager to help out. And for a writer it’s wonderful to have somebody to bounce ideas off, get help on editing critique covers and blurbs, and overall just hold each other’s hand as we work our way through this craziness of writing. I find myself eager to go to the different online forums to talk with other writers. Unless you are a writer, you can’t really understand all we go through and sometimes that leaves you feeling a bit lonely and isolated. What a blessing to have other writers to talk to. What’s even more funny is that some of the writers I correspond with aren’t even from this country. I’m meeting people and finding out things from all over the world without even leaving my desk. How exciting.

Another piece of exciting news; book # 5 in the Citrus Beach mystery series is now available on Amazon for purchase.

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And I have to tell you this one was fun to write, because I bounced ideas off of other writers, learned a few tricks from other writers, and got plenty of encouragement along the way. So thank you to all of you who helped me, you know who you are! Looking forward to working again with you on the next book.


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