The path of Good Intentions

Good intentions and self-promises get in the way of your ever-ending quest for happiness.

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Because no matter how hard we try, something always falls through the crack. Now, you’re scrambling to make everybody happy— including yourself.

I’m so guilty of that.  One thing I’ve done to overcome it, is to make daily goals lists.

I used to laugh at people I know who do that every night, getting ready for the next morning. I would think to myself “what’s so hard about remembering what to do?” But not so much anymore-I’ve started making my own lists.

I don’t know if its age catching up with me, or just life getting so complicated, but I find on the days I don’t do a to-do list, I’m lost I feel like a rat running around in circles— well maybe a mouse.


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As an author, I must separate my to-do lists. I have one for everyday/work, and one for writing. My writers’ list can be anything from points of research I need, to outlining a chapter, or creating a character/setting sheet.

Unfortunately, my writer’s to-do list  tends to be the last thing that gets attention, but someday that will change. In the meantime, I check things off happily as I get them done. What doesn’t get done today, I put at the top of the list for tomorrow? Maybe someday I’ll catch up.

I’m not an organized person, but this is helping. At least it’s helping me feel more in control. Also, it helps me realize what is a priority and what is something that can be delegated or just isn’t necessary. It’s amazing how much busy work we give ourselves.But nobody cares about it. The busy work is not as important as you think.  Nobody will notice if it’s not done, so stuff like that goes to the bottom of the list and will often stay there. It then becomes part of the “someday” list.

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 So get out those post-it notes, daily planner, or use one of those fancy apps on your phone: you have a list to make for tomorrow.



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