Gift with christmas ballsIt was a Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Feast is over and everybody sits back to relax. A few may unbuckle their belt a notch or two and others will curling up in a comfortable chair ready to take a nap and sleep off that turkey snooze. You smile at how successful you are holiday bash was and how happy your guests all seem to be.

Cat sleeping near the window and Christmas tree

and then you turn around and you view the table. You see at all those dirty dishes and you groan because the dishwasher is no longer working. With a determined sigh, you pick up the first plate and begin stacking for the cleanup.

A surprised expression crosses your face as you lift your head and find an unexpected helping hand from either your husband or your brother or just a friend who noticed you start to work. Together you clear the table, making sure the leftovers are put away properly and stacking the dishes in the sink. Smiling at your helper you assure him or her that you’ll get to the dishes later and the two of you go back out into the living room to relax with others.

Washing Plates As Part Of The Daily Chores

But then something magical happens. No, it’s not the Christmas Elves, but rather is a couple of the kids who saw you clearing the table and decided to give a helping hand of their own. Your first clue is the giggling coming from the kitchen and when you walk in to find out what’s going –surprise!  Two or three kids are at the sink, dish towels in hand. Soap so it’s flying as they tease each other and laughter is raining. This is an unexpected Christmas bonus; a time to draw closer to other as they help their hostess. You grin to yourself and walk over to the sink and push one of them away, putting your hands in the soapy water. There’s a system going now; you wash, one rinses, another one dries while the 4th one puts things away.

There is a good rhythm  and what’s even better is the good conversation being shared. Whether it’s teasing or reminiscing, there’s something special about the holiday dish cleanup.

Yes, a dishwasher might be nice. It certainly  more efficient and probably the dishes might have been a  bit more clean,  but, the experience of sharing that time is irreplaceable and priceless.

Young romantic couple sitting on sofa in front of fireplace at h

So, raise your glass to toast the season and, smile to yourself at your unexpected Christmas gift.

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year!


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