I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my international author friends as much as I enjoyed interviewing them. It was fun to learn about other countries and customs and author methods.

Did you notice the new background and colors? I’ve decided it’s time to quite fighting the biggest part of my life-gardening! I work at it (I design and install landscapes for great clients), play at it (I love to plant my pots with colorful flowers) and relax in it! Yes, gardening is part of my world, and I am embracing it to the fullest.

Just a few pots by my pool

Now it’s time to think about those lazy days of summer-the beach, getaways and fun vacations. And not one of those would be complete without a book to take a long. And I have just the selection of authors and books to get you started and keep you going for the summer.

This series of interviews are by authors who place their book’s settings and characters in locations that you would love to spend a long relaxing stay. I hope you will enjoy these selections…here is a teaser of the author’s who are part of my Beach Reads Series.

Rachel Neuburger Reynolds
Jordan McCollum
Katie Brown
Erin Sullivan Scoggins
Connie B. Dowell
Troy A. Hill
Juliet Chase
Donna B. McNicol
Joanna Jast
Lise McClendon
Sarah Crumpton Merritt
Roberta Schiavulli
Demy Watts
Judith Dickenson Ackaret
Vicki Lemp Weavil
Janie Pritchett-Clark
Ileana Munoz-Renfroe
Maggie Toussaint
Victoria Hamilton
Rita Moreau
Rita Moreau
Caleb Wygal
Teresa Michael – Author
Diane Rondeau Bator
Lois Jackman
Donna Walo Clancy
Jane Kelly
Dianne Harman
Cathy Perkins
Niki Morris
Ritter Ames

So while I’m hard at work getting to know these talented authors a bit better, you just sit back in that lounge chair and relax. Our first interview will be coming up in the next week.

In the meantime, I have a new book release on May 8th! It’s the last book (#6) in the Beach House Mystery series. You can pre-order it now. It’s time to find out how the legend of Pearl Island will end…

An Orchid from my garden

Until next time, happy reading in the garden!

Victoria LK Williams


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