Meet My Co-Authors!! part 2

It’s October first and that means in one month, Clues, Christmas Trees and Corpses will be available for purchase. But I won’t wait…it’s on pre-order now. And after January the book goes away, so don’t miss out.

Need some more incentive to add this Cozy Mystery Anthology to your reading list? Then lets get on with the introductions! Here are the next ten authors and a short blurb about their stories. In random order, let me introduce you to…

The Secret Santa Mystery                                            by R.B. Marshall

Security expert for a British bank by day, horse trainer at night, Izzy Paterson is a multi-tasking, dressage-riding computer whiz with an addiction to strong coffee and a penchant for CSI on Netflix. So when the Secret Santa at her office Christmas party hands her a perplexing riddle, she just can’t ignore the mystery.

Claus of Death                                                             by Moira Bates

Deep in the heart of Texas, where mayhem and mysteries roam—spend the holidays with the people of Baseless. Julia Jane Melvin is forty-something and fierce, and she’s throwing the party of the year in an attempt to get Baseless on the map—literally. She’s even hired “Santa to the Stars,” Ike Cumberland of Muleshoe, Texas. Poppy Price is a rising food-star, so she easily won the bid to cater. People come from miles around for her creations—and she is best friends with Julia’s son—no one else would do. When they promise attendees it will be an evening to remember, they mean it.

Poison and Poinsettias                                                by Aubrey Elle

Instead of enjoining a quiet off-season, Madis Harrah and her landscapers arrange a holiday plant sale just before Christmas. As if that’s not enough chaos, her best friends are due to marry in the old conservatory at the estate. Flowers are delivered, and as Madis and her crew store them near the wedding site, they realize Zarsettia’s Poinsettias has brought something else along—a dead body! Someone has poisoned the owner of the poinsettia farm, and all three employees are suspects. Is there a chance Madis can figure out who the killer is before the Christmas wedding plans come undone?

Malbec and Mistletoe                                                   by Daisy Linh

It’s been a long 12 months for Jasmine Mai, but Christmas is looming, and nothing’s going to ruin the party she’s had planned at her winery, Simpatico Wine Estate. So when her groundskeeper collapses in the middle of her cooking class and is rushed to hospital, closely followed by a slew of other mysterious similar illnesses in the community, something doesn’t feel as Christmas-y as she wishes. While everyone else is juggling Christmas puddings and parties, Jasmine finds herself on a one woman mission to catch what evil is lurking in her town. That is…if it doesn’t catch her first. Join Jasmine in this stand alone Christmas novella set in the world of the Barossa Valley Mysteries and meet the chaotic but loavable charaters who live there.

Peppermint Twist                                                         by Mary B. Barbee

When travel journalist Sophia Adams learns that she has a special Christmas assignment in the small town of Breeze, Washington, she couldn’t be more excited. But after coming close to hitting a young man with her rental car on the way into town, she worries that this might not be the Christmas experience she was expecting.

Convinced that a visit to the Amish bakery the next morning would fix everything, the investigative reporter quickly notices that, despite the delicious treats, there isn’t a whole lot of peace on earth happening in Breeze.

Armed with her camera and pen in hand, Sophia discovers that the small town contains wonderful Christmas lights, spectacular camera shots, edge-of-your-seat action …and a peppermint tea that is simply to die for.

 A Corpse Wrapped in Tinsel                                       by Benedict Brown

When (semi-)famous detective Izzy Palmer is dragged along to a London department store to see Santa by her eccentric best friend, she expects whiny kids and bossy parents, not a dead Mrs Claus wrapped in tinsel. Charged with getting to the truth, Izzy must face off against caroling police officers, the most handsome Father Christmas south of the North Pole and three elves who all claim to be the killer. It’s not the Christmas present she was hoping for, but at least this case comes

The Purloined Poinsettia                                              by Cathy Tully
Christmas is coming, and office manager Larraine Moore is looking forward to her duties on the Decorating Committee at her church when the order of poinsettias is cancelled. Together with her boss, Dr. Susannah Shine, they follow the trail of purloined poinsettias down a candy cane lane of clues that leads to murder.

Rebel Without a Claus                                                  by Ava Mallory

Traveling nurse Mercy Mares is looking forward to spending a quiet holiday season at home. Unfortunately, her favorite curmudgeon and former neighbor has volunteered her to help with the annual Christmas Jamboree.

Within hours of learning she has been pegged to play Mrs. Claus with her least favorite person reprising his role as Jolly Old St. Nick. After a heated exchange at a committee meaning, Franklin “Claus” McGee vanishes, and all eyes are on her.

Mercy prides herself on being able to think on her feet, but will those skills help her locate Santa Claus and clear her name before anything else goes horribly wrong?

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder                      by Wendy Meadows

Carol finds herself at the center of a crime she did not commit in a town she is a stranger to. She must work with the Scrooge-incarnate Chief of Police, Brogan Peterson, to find out who killed William, a storeowner, before anyone else is targeted. Carol is a tough woman, but could her own need for mystery put what is precious to her in the firing line?

The Toy Puzzle                                                            by Victoria LK Williams

The toys are gone! All the toys the town has gathered for the local toy drive have disappeared without a clue. Leigh-Ann sets out to catch a thief and make sure the kids have a merry Christmas. Clues and gossip are easy to find at the Tattletale Café!

There is the first ten quickie blurbs for ten of the stories! Just a word of warning to my USA readers; there are several international writers in the anthology, and they may write in “the Queen’s English” so don’t be thrown of by a few spelling differances-they are correct. Below you can see the complete list of Authors and their Christmas Cozies. Have you read any of their other work?

 A Corpse Wrapped in Tinsel                                      by Benedict Brown

Cards, Capers and Christmas Miracles                        by Emily Selby

Christmas is Canceled                                                 by Carly Winter

Christmas in Cherry Hills                                             by Paige Sleuth

Claus of Death                                                             by Moira Bates

Deck The Halls and Murder                                         by Patti Larsen

Ho, Ho, Homicide!                                                        by MP Smith

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder                       by Wendy Meadows

Jingle Bones                                                                  by Rosie Meleady

Let it Sew, Let it Sew, Let it Sew                                   by Babs Emodi

Malbec and Mistletoe                                                   by Daisy Linh

Marry Christmas                                                          by Joann Keder

Peppermint Twist                                                         by Mary B. Barbee

Poison and Poinsettias                                                 by Aubrey Elle

Rebel Without a Claus                                                 by Ava Mallory

Sleigh Bells Wing                                                         by Hillary Avis

The Four Chickens of Christmas                                  by Beth McElla

The Purloined Poinsettia                                              by Cathy Tully

The Secret Santa Mystery                                            by R.B. Marshall

The Toy Puzzle                                                            by Victoria LK Williams

Keep an eye out for the next post: each of the authors will be answering you and getting to know you.

Victoria LK Williams


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