Meet Rimmy London

Rimmy London

The temperatures have dropped (even in FLORIDA!) and the wind is howling. Perfect for snuggling up with a blanket and a good book. A love-kissed cozy mystery in fact. And this next author has just the book.

Seaside Inn Mystery, book 1

Rimmy writes the Seaside Inn Mystery series, Mondello Beach Mystery series and sweet romance. She grew up in Northern California, with an imagination inspired by nature; the coast and the redwood forest. Maybe thats why you’ll find a strong heroine and “critters” in her cozies. To find out more, be sure to sign up for her newsletter at . And follow this author on Facebook at FB page @rimmylondon.

Let’s ask a few questions…

Which is more important to your book, the mystery or the love story?

They both are so important! But I have to say the mystery comes first. I need the reader to be sucked into the quest of figuring out what happened, and then the love story is a delightful bonus. J

What type of love story plays out in your book—friends to love, enemy to love, instant love, or something else?

The Secret of Poppyridge Cove has a beautiful story of an established couple who goes through a rocky time when one wants to follow their dream, but not the other. It pulls them apart, but only for a time. They find their way back to each other.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I live in a beautiful area where I can ride my horse down a little dirt road next to a creek behind my house. It’s definitely one of my favorite things, as well as any time I can spend with my husband and five kids. Game nights are so much fun.

I hope you are enjoying this series of author interviews. We have ten more to go, finishing at Valentine’s Day!

Until next time, keep warm and snuggle up with a good book,

Victoria LK Williams


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