It’s More Than Words

Over the last few months, you have met some wonderful authors. It was interesting to learn about them and their writing process.

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As authors, we have many tools at our disposal, it’s not just a pen and paper process for most of us any more. There are many digital programs that can help us plot, research, organize, edit, format and write the story. The words can be arranged and rearranged with just the move of a mouse, creating our stories, letting each writer tell our tale the way we want. The tools help you read the final story, with out you every thinking about how they became a book.

But it’s more than words that tell our story. And that’s where my next few interviews come from.

You are going to meet three talented woman who create the pictures behind my words; my illustrators! Each has a story to share, and I’m thrilled to bring them to you. From the characters to the settings, the color pallet to the letter fonts; these elements create the covers of my book to help you, the reader, have a glimpse of what mystery, adventure, romance and furry fun you are in for.

A book without a great cover is just pages pressed together. The covers are the icing on the cake, and my cover creators are like a master chief. I hope you will enjoy these interviews as they come to you.

Victoria LK Williams


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