Proud to be part of the Writing Community

For the last 2 weeks I sat glued to the TV watching happening going on and a country on the other side of the world from me wondering what I can do.

My heart is breaking, and I find myself constantly close to tears, mostly because I feel useless.

But the writing community has stepped up to the plate once again!

 Different charities are receiving donations from writers and writing groups who put their heads together to come up with inventive ways to help the people of Ukraine.

 I am involved in two projects and I’m sure I will join more as time goes on, because I don’t think this is going to be a short-term problem.

The first of the things that I’m involved in is Writers for Ukraine; the one-million-word challenge. Each writer makes a donation which will go to the people of Ukraine via a charity to provide food blankets and hygiene products that are so desperately needed. Once you’ve signed up on the go fund me page, the goal is for the writers to collectively write 1 million words within a week to show our solidarity. I’ve already written three thousand words and we’re on the second day in. There are over two hundred and fifty writers participating in this one donation.

The next donation that I’m working on is Authors for Ukraine Charity Auction. This is an auction of books by over 150 writers who are donating their books to be auctioned off. The auction takes place 8am March 29 and runs until 11pm April 12 and gives readers a chance to bid on signed works by their favorite authors. All proceeds benefit CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund.  

 They seem like such simple little things that won’t amount to much, but every little bit added together creates a larger donation and more people that can be helped.

But even more importantly than donations are our prayers. Even if the war ends tomorrow, it will take years for this country and these people to heal. So, I asked you to help where you can how you can and with love and prayers for all those affected.

Victoria LK Williams


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