Meet Gayle Leeson

Gayle Leeson and friend

Award winning Gayle Leeson and her family live in Southwest Virginia where she writes her cozy mystery series Down South Cafe, Ghostly Fashionista. She has also co-authored with best selling author Lorraine Bartlett. Gayle is currently writing a new chick-lit women’s fiction series call Kinsey Falls. You may also know her work as Amanda Lee or Gayle Trent. Be sure to stop by her website to find out about all her fantastic books. And don’t forget to visit her facebook page and follow along!

Gayle’s book in the Cozy Mystery Anthology is Pickled to Death

In an exhibit hall full of witnesses, no one sees anything except the streaker who provides a convenient distraction from a murder. Now Down South Café owner Amy Flowers is in a pickle because her eccentric Aunt Bess is accused of killing a rival at the county fair. Now Amy must prove her great-aunt’s innocence the only way she can—by finding the real killer. No big dill…unless the killer gets to Aunt Bess before Amy can clear her name!

Let’s ask Gayle a few questions…

Everyone takes a tote bag with them when they head out for a day at the beach, what is in yours?
Sunscreen, a book, my phone, a towel, wipes, and change for ice cream!

Are there any secrets from the book (that aren’t in the blurb), you can share with your readers?
Aunt Bess is thoroughly disgusted by the streaker. She complains that people you’d actually want to see naked are never the ones exposing themselves.

Can you give us some insight into what makes your main character tick?
Amy is all about family. And she sees her community as extended family, especially the regulars who come into the Down South Café. She opened the café so the people in her tiny rural town would have a place to get good food and warm Southern hospitality.

Does one of the main characters hold a special place in your heart? If so, why?
I love Aunt Bess. She’s fearless, unfiltered, and interested in everything—especially crime! She has also embraced the internet and has Pinterest boards that include People I’ve Outlived and Lord, Have Mercy

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