Meet Megan Mayfair

Megan lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and three young children, and works in public relations. When not writing fiction or press releases, she enjoys spending time with her family, drinking coffee, playing guitar, doing yoga, and searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick. Megan writing includes mystery, romance and humor. She writes the Cafe Chronicles, Lana Honeywell Mysteries, The Tangled Vines Saga, and the Lemon Tree Bay Mysteries. You can find her books on her Website, or on Amazon. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Goodreads and Bookbub.

Megan’s book in the anthology of Mystery, Midsummer Sun and Murders;

Sunshine and Suspicion 
All Lana wanted was a year off to find herself – but it turns out that relaxation is going to be murder.

Lana is a celebrity publicist nursing a broken heart after her soap opera actor fiancé ran off with his bombshell co-star. Escaping the drama and speculation and a rather messy meltdown at a star-studded movie premiere, she relocates to an adorable tiny house in the high country town of Cherry Grove.
Her plan is simple: a year of zen, and no men. Lana quickly learns the rugged beauty of the landscape is home to scandals and secrets juicier than the plots of the television series and movies her clients star in. And that’s before she meets a gorgeous park ranger called Wyatt…
 Finding herself. Solving murders. Falling in love. This year is about to get far more interesting than Lana could have predicted.

Let’s find out more about Megan…

Everyone takes a tote back with them when they head out for a day at the beach, what is in yours?
Plenty of sunscreen, water bottle, towel, sunglasses, large hat, Kindle, phone and snacks.

When writing a series, how do you keep things fresh for both your readers and also yourself?
New twists that make the character have to do something outside what we have seen them do – a new job, a move– is always interesting. It shakes up the character but also gives the audience a fresh insight into someone they know so well. How have they handled a sudden shift in their lives? What repercussions does it have on their relationships, work, community?

I also love giving new plotlines for supporting characters – it’s fun to explore their worlds a little and allow them to take centre stage.

Is anything in your book based on real-life experiences or purely all imagination?
My background is in public relations – nothing quite as glam as what Lana Honeywell does with movies and television, but there may be a few bits and pieces of professional experience that make their way into the book.

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?
The bee – a good luck totem for being productive in my work and finding work that is fulfilling.

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