It’s Daisy Linh’s turn!

Daisy Linh lives in Maine with her husband, but she hails from “the sunburned land down under”. A lover of Murder She Wrote (who isn’t!) and Columbo, writing whodunnits was a perfect fit for this author. She writes the Barossa Valley Cozy Mystery series. You can find her books on Amazon, her Website and follow her on Facebook.

Daisy’s book that is included in the Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders anthology is Rose and Risk
A little wine never hurt anyone. Yet..

Let’s find out a bit more about our author…

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Beach, Resort or Poolside? Isn’t it funny how our tastes change? When I was young, i would go to New York or Paris or Bngkok at every chance I could get. I liked BIG BIG cities, the more people, the more things to see and do the better. Now my bucket list trip, and hopefully in the card soon, is an over the water ocean villa in the maldives. Sunshine. Peace. Tropical fruit. Cocktails and a good book. But I’ll still take the cities kind of vacation. Travel is my weakness. It’s been a hard few years!

Does one of the main characters hold a special place in your heart? The main character in my current series (Barossa Valley Mysteries) is Jasmine Mai and she is everything I’ve always wanted to be. Confident, holds her culture (were both Vietnamese Australian!) very close to her heart, owns a winery (wine supply for life!), doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty to do what she feels is right. Hopefully in my next life I can come back as her. Is anything in your book based on real-life experiences or purely all imagination? This might be strange for a writer to say but – my imagination isn’t always so reliable!! The stories come to me from some far away place, but the details to root it into reality and make them believable come straight out of a day in my life. Chances are a lot of the insults/compliments that come out of my characters’ mouths have shown up in my life. And when I write them into my book, I can never resist a giggle that someone I know will read it an remember that it first came out of their mouth.

Share something your readers wouldn’t know about you. I was on the third season of Masterchef Australia!I entered on a whim one sleepless night and after a hundred rounds of auditions, I made it to the top 50. From there – I was unceremoniously kicked out (I don’t do desserts!- I mean, I eat them, I don’t cook them) but had one of the absolute best experiences of my entire life. If you’ve ever seen Just Zumbo on Netflix, you’ll know the dessert king Adriana Zumbo – he’s the one who kicked me out. Love/hate relationship there for sure!

Before the release, you are going to want to pre order your copy! Not only will you get it at the lowest price of 99 cents, but you will also get a fun addition that the authors put together for our readers; a recipe book of great summer salads.

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