A Huge Thank You!

We would all like to extend our thanks for your support in the launch of Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders. Today the USA Best Selling Titles for last week came out and we made the list! And it wasn’t by a squeak, either; we ranked #52 out of 150 top titles. (James Patterson was #55).
You can find the list here (https://content-static.usatoday.com/editorial/life/booklist/usatodaybooks.pdf), it’s amazing the authors we are surrounded by!

I forgot to mention my book that is in the anthology. It’s the first in a new series, and only readers of the anthology will see it for several months! Lost and Hound, a Hibiscus Cove Mystery

You might have missed the preorder pricing, but the ebook is only $9.99-not bad for 21 books! And if you are a die-hard print reader it is also available in hardback.

Once again, thank you for all your support and encouragement. But don’t think you’ve see the last of this grouping of authors… I heard there might be another anthology in the works for next year!


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