July-my month of Learning and Writing!

It seems crazy to designate one month as a special learning and writing month, and it wasn’t planned. July is the month (for me) that new seminars, conferences and webinars are open for attendance. And this year I’m trying to do as many as I can.

Mascote of Sleuth Fest
Photo by Jimmy Chan on Pexels.com

First there was Sleuth Fest. This was a four-day conference hosted by the Mystery Writers of America. Usually it’s held in the spring, which is my busy gardening time, but this year it was July and for the first time I could attend. Although the conference focuses more on traditional publishing, there was still plenty to learn and wonderful authors to meet. From writers starting on their first book to established authors with one hundred books, the entire conference was friendly and informative.

Now I’m doing an online conference called Inker’s Con. There are enough sessions to keep me busy for days! Top selling Authors, mostly indie, are conducting the sessions and panels (which I love!) on marketing and craft.

Later in the month will be the Self Publishing Conference, also online. I just can’t swing flying to England for a writer’s conference-yet. This is always a good show and full of great information.

And in between all the learning, it’s also Camp Nano Month. You know, write 50k in one month…

You might wonder why writers get involved in NaNo-it’s a lot of extra pressure, so I asked a few authors to share their thoughts.

Why do you participate in NaNo?

Sally Howe Bayless

Writing can be a solitary job. NaNo surrounds you with supportive, encouraging colleagues. The energy helps the words flow!

MP Smith

NaNo is a wonderful kick-start to your novel. It’s a competition with yourself to get a large chunk of writing done within a short time, and the NaNo process makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Writing with friends is always more fun.

Katie Brown

Nano provides a deadline to meet while also fostering comaraderie and encouragement as writers share their progress, wins, and setbacks.

Sheila McCallum Perry

Taking part in NaNo over the years has meant discovering the advantages of writing something every day-whether I feel like it or not!

Victoria LK Williams

My hubby calls me the Queen of Procrastination. He’s right, I’m terrible about doing things at the last minute. NaNo forces me to have a daily goal and the backup of fellow writers.

At the Pool with Miss Marple and Fletch

So there you have it, my educational July, all mapped out! With most of it online, you can be sure I will spend some of my learning time by the pool!


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