Mysterious Times…

Let me take you back in time, not too far gone, but just far enough that it’s different. A time when life was simpler, families were close, and crime wasn’t so complicated… Or was it?

Welcome to the genre of Historical Cozy Mysteries. In the next several blog posts, you will meet some of the leading historical cozy mystery writers. They will tell you about their series, their characters and what makes Historical Cozies so much different from a Contemporary Cozy.

Whether it’s set in America, or England, or somewhere else; the times were definitely different. Women were just beginning to assert themselves, the Industrial Revolution wasn’t far off, and there was still a distinction between the working people and the upper class.

There are also some cozy mysteries written in a time that we might even remember, or at least our parents would. That time of awakening after the world wars. Rock ‘n’ roll was just coming into existence, the Industrial Revolution had not only taken off but it was taking over. Inventions were coming right and left and it was a changing world. We also consider these Historical Cozy Mysteries.

I hope you’ll enjoy meeting these authors in getting to know how they come up with a crime fitting for the time they write about. How much research do they put into their work? What makes their characters different from the characters in a contemporary cozy? And most importantly, why do they write historical cozies?

Have you read a Historical Cozy Mystery? What did you like about it?

Now, sit back, grab a cup of tea, and relax as we go back to a gentler time…

Victoria LK Williams


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