New Release!

While I’m preparing the next batch of author interviews, I thought I would announce my newest book release!

Storm Tinsdale is happy with her organized quiet life, but that is all about to change!

When a lost puppy named Archie finds her, things get very complicated, starting with the puppy leading Storm to the body of his murdered owner.

Storm agrees to look after the dog, but insisted it is only until the owner’s family is ready to take Archie back. In the meantime, Storm quickens the process by trying to find the murderer herself.

As Storm investigates the clues that surface, Archie wiggles his way into her life and heart. It becomes apparent that the murdered man’s wife doesn’t want the dog, but Storm finds she does. Using Archie to help her, Storm learns more and more about the victim, putting them both in danger.

Will Archie find a safe and happy home, or is Storm’s investigation leading them both into danger?

Available where most ebooks are sold! Also available in print and AI Audio. Large print is on the way!


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