Day 1 of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Meet Adriana Licio

Reader Magnet:


In this 3 short story collection Christmas cheer abounds and snow falls all around as Etta and Dora, our sexagenarian amateur detectives and their lovable canine overlord snuggle down next to warm fires, puzzling over twists and turns a-plenty, enjoying songs, humour and friendships old and new. 

  Where/when is your book set?
The three stories are set in Italy, from Tuscany to Venice to Vipiteno in the Alps, stumbling across mystery, mayhem and possibly even a murder or two…

  Who is your main character?
I actually have a whole trio, two retired teachers from Southern Italy and one lovably stubborn Basset Hound, they feature regularly in “The Homeswappers Mysteries” series. 

  Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?
In this collection, one story is dedicated to Halloween (the one set in Tuscany), and two to Christmas. Being Italian, Christmas is such an important tradition, whether you are religious or not. It is the time when families get together, when children anxiously wait for Santa Klaus to appear at their door. It’s time to sing for carols; search to buy (or make) presents for family and friends; cook traditional food but mostly to let go of daily grind and embracing giving and togetherness…

In mysteries that I read or write, I love the juxtaposition of Good and Evil, and never as during Christmas time, the two come in such vivid contrast. Spoiler: I love challenging quests but mostly happy endings!

Victoria LK Williams


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