Day 4b of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Melicity Pope

A Little Christmas Villainy by Melicity Pope.

When Holly Sharpe agrees to escape L.A. for a winter break at her English friend’s family villa in Italy, she finds herself unraveling a series of mysterious events threatening to ruin the holiday. Will Christmas in Italy end up a “Fatale Natale”?

Where/when is your story set?
My story is set in present day in the adorable hamlet of Miele di Rosa in Italy.

Who is your main character?
Holly Sharpe is funny, compassionate, curious — an ambitious career woman trying to hold on to her businesses while navigating a divorce, but wondering deep down if it’s time to pack it all in in search of adventures new.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?
As a person of faith, constantly searching for and in celebration of the beauty, majesty, wonder and awe of life, there is no better season to find all of that and more than Christmas. It’s a perfect time for new beginnings and my character, Holly, is in desperate need of one!

Victoria LK Williams


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