Day 5 of 25 days of Christmas Books

Jacqueline Diamond

Sara, an artist who’s turning 50, returns to her hometown for Christmas to face her estranged sisters—and the man she left behind—with a stunning secret.

A compulsively readable tale of love and redemption packed with heartwarming surprises, this is the third book in the Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances series by USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond.

Where/when is your book set?
The book is contemporary, set in the fictional town of Rancho Allegro in Southern California.

Who is your main character?
My main character is Sara Matchett, an artist, the family rebel, and the youngest of three sisters. About to celebrate her 50th birthday, Sara returns to her hometown for Christmas, to face her sisters—and the man she left behind—with a stunning secret. The baby she gave up for adoption years ago is having her own baby, and wants her to be the grandma.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?
Christmas is a time for reconnecting and for celebrating what’s important in life. In Sara’s story, the holiday family gathering brings her together with sisters whom she believes rejected her, only to discover how deep their love runs, and a man she never imagined could belong to her.

Victoria LK Williams


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