Day 7c of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Sharon Michaels


Amazon Author Page:

Event planner Joy Holiday isn’t exactly feeling joyful this Christmas season.
Her Santas keep going missing and worse, end up dead.
Her hometown of Holiday Corner blames Joy for this year’s lack of Christmas spirit.
Her billionaire ex-husband is seeking revenge and ready to buy up the town.
And to make matters worse, it hasn’t snowed yet this season, not even an inch!
Joy’s job has quickly turned into saving the town’s holiday season and putting an end to the chaos.

Where/when is your book set?
This is a Christmas Cozy Mystery that takes place in Holiday Corner, Vermont. A quaint small town that celebrates the Christmas spirit 365 days a year.

Who is your main character?
The main character in Missing Santas is Joy Holiday – Joy is the official event planner for her hometown on Holiday Corner. Coming home after a messy divorce is proving to be a bit more difficult than she thought.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?
For some reason, this year’s Christmas celebration seems to be plagued by misfortune and mayhem. Someone is out to ruin the festivities and lay the blame on Joy Holiday. Who dislikes Joy so much that they are willing to commit murder?

Victoria LK Williams


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