Day 9 of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Kathy Manos Penn

The halls are decked with holly. But can anyone be jolly when a precious pet vanishes without a trace? The Yuletide cheer turns sour when Leta Parker’s delightful doggo Dickens dashes out the door with a canine companion and doesn’t return. Can Leta and her team of Little Old Ladies unravel the Christmas caper in time to make the season merry and bright?

Where/when is your book set?
This cozy animal mystery is set in modern times in a Cotswolds village.

Who is your main character?
Leta Petkas Parker, the main character, is a fifty-something widow from Atlanta who retires to the Cotswolds with her two precious pets. She describes herself as a work in progress–making new friends and making her way.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?
It’s all about the memories. The  Christmas decorations and music I describe in the book all exist in my life. Pulling out my ornaments and collection of stuffed animals is a joyful trip down memory lane. Like me, Leta has a crocheted tree topper made by a loved one, and she listens to Christmas tunes from all eras of her life. Whether it’s Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, or more recent artists like Mannheim Steamroller, the tunes put a smile on my face and hers. For Leta, it can be bittersweet because she’s simultaneously thinking of her late husband and taking a big step with a new man in her life. I’d leave the tree up for months if it were up to me, and I’m pretty sure Leta would too.

Victoria LK Williams


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