Day 9b of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Lynn Morrison

For event planner Natalie Payne, organizing a holiday-season, mystery-themed weekend at the Cotswolds’ famed Holly Manor seems like easy money. But all that changes when the wrong person face plants into their Christmas cake. Is it a case of food poisoning, or a poisonous plan to kill someone? Can Nat and her friends catch the guilty, or will one of them be the next victim?

Where/when is your book set?

My book is set in the modern day at a gorgeous English manor house in the Cotswolds (outside of Oxford, England).

Who is your main character?

My main character is Natalie Payne – an event planner with a magical secret.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?

I live in England, while the rest of my family lives in the US. Christmas is one of the rare times of year we all get together. However, when you pack six adults and five kids into one house, chaos and accidents are bound to happen. This is part of what inspired the story of Homicide at Holly Manor.

Although Christmas should be filled with love, in the wrong circumstances it can feel more like an obligation. In Homicide at Holly Manor, I bring together a group of coworkers instead of family, which only adds to the stress (and motives). That said, my sleuth’s only hope for solving the case depends on the help of her close friends. I think it makes for a nice balance, and hopefully readers will agree!

Victoria LK Williams

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