Day 10b of 25 days of Christmas Books

Wendy Neugent

Olivia is happy to trade a white Christmas for white sand beaches.  
She is facing her first Christmas alone working on the cruise ship when a surprise visitor shakes up her plans and a thief is loose on the ship.
Can Olivia and her adorable parrot, Chico save Christmas?

Where/When is your books set?
Overboard at Christmas is set on a cruise ship. The ship visits the ports of Grand Cayman and Nassau Bahamas during the story.

Who is your main character?
My main character is Olivia Morgan, a cruise ship entertainer.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?
Like Olivia, I worked on cruise ships when I was younger. I spent many Christmases away from my family. Overboard at Christmas gives the reader insight into what it is like to work on ships and how different the holidays are.

Victoria LK Williams


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