Day 13 of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Phillipa Nefri Clark

He needs a girlfriend. She needs a job. Pity they can’t stand each other!

Part billionaire romance, part fake boyfriend, and a whole lot of enemies to lovers… all wrapped up in a clean and sweet contemporary romance with a swoony happy ever after.

Where/when is your book set?
Set in Atlanta, Georgia plus New York City at Christmas time.

Who is your main character?
Olivia Todd works with the residents of Maple Gardens Assisted Living who love her – she’s kind, smart, and friendly. Except when she tips iced coffee all over her boss. On purpose.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?
I adore Christmas and make up for a childhood without it by dressing up my house and filling it with joy. It can bring out the best or worst in people which makes it such a great holiday to include in a story.

Victoria LK Williams


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