Day 15 of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Angela K. Ryan

Anna is not only looking forward to the holiday festivities in Seagull Cove, but her cousin Connie is finally coming for a visit! However, a series of events on Connie’s first evening in town finds the two entangled in a murder mystery.
Meanwhile, with help from Connie and Jeremy, Anna’s search for Bella leads her to an assisted living facility, where Bella may still work.

Where is your book set?

Peppermint Stick-Up takes place in the fictitious Massachusetts coastal town of Seagull Cove. It is Book 5 in the Seaside Ice Cream Shop Mysteries.

Who is your main character?

The main character, Anna McBride, is in her late forties. After the tragic death of her Irish twin sister, Bella, Anna closed her counseling practice in Boston and opened an ice cream shop in Seagull Cove. At her grand opening, not only is there a murder, but a customer, who is a retired PI, thinks he saw Bella across the street. He doesn’t know that her body was never found.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?

Peppermint Stick-Up begins two weeks before Christmas. It is Anna’s first Christmas in Seagull Cove, and she is excited to have her cousin, Connie (the main character in the Sapphire Beach Series), visit from Florida. With Connie’s help, Anna follow up on some leads that she hopes will bring about a reunion with Anna’s sister Bella, who they thought died in a boating accident five years ago.

Victoria LK Williams

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