Day 17b of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Toyna Kapps

Ho, ho, ho and merry everything until it turns to ho-ho-homicide a when a body is found at Seymore Candy Cane Factory. Nothing is going to get the yuletide spirit back any quicker than Mae West with the help of the Laundry Club Ladies. But will they find the killer before Santa puts Normal on the naughty list?

Where/when is your book set?
Gifts, Glamping, & Glocks takes place in the Daniel Boone National Park during the Christmas season.

Who is your main character?
Mae West, no not the actress, is the owner of Happy Trails Campground. She and the Laundry Club Ladies have their hands full trying to figure out this ho-ho- homicide so Santa will keep them on the nice list.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?
I think readers love reading cozy mysteries during the holidays. Readers will feel like they stepped into the North Pole and put on their Santa hat to figure out this ho-ho-homicide!

Victoria LK Williams

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