Day 20 of 25 Days of Christmas

Lexie Conyngham

 Six cosy Christmas mysteries, some with a historical setting, something for everyone! Most are American but two are British.

The Children’s Party by Lexie Conyngham

Where/when is your book set?

My story is set in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1828, in a lawyer’s household and around a jeweller’s.

Who is your main character?

Hippolyta is eighteen, a lawyer’s daughter, and too tall and skinny to be fashionable. She’s sure she’ll never marry and be stuck forever helping her mother with her charitable works. She loves animals and is very nosy!

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?

Christmas is important to the story because it’s a time for generosity and charity, and my main character is involved in a party for impoverished children. I love the smells of Christmas, pine needles and cinnamon and oranges, and if I can get some snow, all the better!

Victoria LK Williams

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