Day 20b of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Katherine H. Brown

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Murder Takes the Train by Katherine H. Brown

The quaint, mountain town of Riverbend Junction has only one train in and one train out for transportation. The town hasn’t been home for two of the three “Belle sisters” since they moved away several years ago, but when they return home for Christmas a murder derails the train and all of their plans for getting back to their regular lives. Can the women put their heads together to track down the killer or will they find themselves railroaded into a murder charge?

Where / when book is set?
The quaint (some might say backwoods) town of Riverbend Junction, Arkansas,Arkansas, on a plateau high in the mountains, the weekend of Christmas.

Who is your main character?
POV from Zadie Belle , the oldest of three sisters who are all prominent characters, an arborist and researcher who has returned home for the holidays only to find herself stuck in the town she left behind four years ago.

Why is Christmas important to the story or you?
Christmas is important to me because we celebrate the birth of Jesus and show our joy at the Gift we were given in giving gifts to our loved ones and spending time together. Christmas is important in this story as the holiday season is the catalyst that reunites the three sisters after many years apart & now that they are together, they keep landing in heaps of trouble that make them rely on each other more than ever.

Victoria LK Williams


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