Day 20c of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Carmen Radtke

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A Dash of Deceit by Carmen Radtke

Where/when is your book set?
Welcome to Badger’s End, a (fictional) small town in England, complete with cobble-stoned square, a picturesque pub called Green Dragon, where present and past comfortably run shoulders in this contemporary cozy mystery.

Who is your main character?
American Eve Holdsworth is a new resident, but after years of searching for her quintessential British dream, inspired by her late, London-born mother, she’s found her perfect place – even if it comes with a villain or two.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?
This is Eve’s first Christmas,Christmas, where she feels she might find that magical setting with mistletoe, mulled wine, and meaning. It’s something I always thought to create in my own life. I’ve binged shows about a homemade Christmas, swooned over decorations, and every year I watch classic movies like It’s a Wonderful World and Christmas in Connecticut (and, yes, Die Hard).

Victoria LK Williams


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