Day 22 of 25 Days of Christmas Books

Ada Bell

 Aly just completed the biggest spell she’s ever attempted, with a little help. But the magic came with an unexpected side effect, and now she’s got to figure out what happened to the dead man in the upstairs bath before her parents arrive for the holidays.

Where/when is your book set?

My book is set in the fictional town of Star’s Ridge, New York, a wealthy suburb of New York City. Star’s Ridge is about 3 hours south of Shady Grove, the (also fictional) town where the rest of this series takes place.

Who is your main character?

Aly Reynolds has a life-long love of science. She went to school to study biology. She believes in the scientific method. She recites the periodic table when she’s nervous or stressed. And then she finds out that she’s psychic.

Why is Christmas so important to the story or you?

 Aly’s sister-in-law died shortly before the holidays two years ago. Now she’s back, and the whole family is looking forward to celebrating. Unfortunately, the discovery of a dead body puts Aly and her family in danger of going to jail. Aly needs to find the truth or, instead of a family reunion full of cheer, she and her family may find themselves having a scary little Christmas.

Victoria LK Williams

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