Furry Friends and Side Kicks

Growing up, I was just country enough to know that spring time meant baby animals. There was always a litter of kittens safely hidden away by their mother, of puppy running around getting into trouble and chewing up anything within reach. But this was also the time for farm animals to be born, and the birds nesting in the trees were now busy finding food for the chicks that had hatched under their care.

So spring is the most natural time to begin this new series of author interviews. Side-kicks are as natural to a mystery as Watson is to Sherlock, or Beth and George are to Nancy. But there is a special side-kick that can steal our hearts, get into trouble, make us laugh and somehow be on hand to help solve the mystery. Yes, those are our furry Side-Kicks!

The authors in my interviews have not only shared about their books, series and answered my questions, but they have also included a passage from their books that introduces you to the special bond between pet and owner.

I hope you will enjoy the interviews and meeting the furry Side-Kicks that make our books that much more special.

Victoria LK Williams


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