Those Furry Friends #5

The prequel to the series is free. Gotcha! is the story of how Olivia finds and
adopts Chico, the parrot character in the series.
Here is a link to Gotcha!

Wendy had one of the most interesting jobs, and perfect for collecting data for her cozy mysteries. She as part of an award-winning magic act performing on cruise ships all over the world! Can you just image the people she met in her travels? Her clean cozy mysteries also have an unusual furry (feathered) sidekick-a talking parrot. So grab a box of crackers and get ready to meet Wendy Neugent and her Cruise Ship Mystery series.

Who is your protagonist’s sidekick?
Olivia Morgan is a cruise ship magician. She adopted a talkative Amazon parrot named Chico and incorporated him into her act. Chico loves to sing, is always ready for a snack, and gets grumpy when his nap is interrupted. Chico is full of personality, has a delightful sense of humor, and is my favorite character to write.

What role does the animal play in the story?
Mostly Chico is there for the snacks. 🙂 He loves his treats. Chico is a very chatty parrot and often gives Olivia a clue that leads her to a revelation about the murderer.

Does your animal help or hinder your sleuth?
Chico is an excellent judge of character and has very strong opinions about people. Sometimes it takes Olivia a while to figure out what Chico knows quickly.

Give us 1 example of the interaction between your main character and the Furry
(feathery!) Sidekick.

Chico adores Olivia and her best friend Hayley and loves doing tricks and singing with them. Chico comforts Olivia during stressful times and is a super cute partner in crime. If Chico tells you that he’s “a good, good boy” watch out, because he’s probably causing some kind of trouble.

Is your book part of a series, if so, tell us about the series.
My series, ‘The Olivia Morgan Cruise Ship Mysteries’ is inspired by the 10 years I worked on cruise ships when I was in my 20s to early 30s. Many of the people that work on cruise ships are larger than life characters in real life. They inspired me to make the international cast of characters in my books. I also write bits from adventures I had while on ships, excursions I took, and favorite things I did while working on ships in my books. I take my readers behind the scenes for an insider look at cruise ship life….. but with more murders.

Give the readers a hint of what’s to come for your character in future books.
Olivia and Chico have a lot of shenanigans heading their way in future books. Chico will be busy keeping Olivia safe and out of trouble so she can keep him supplied with treats.

Wow! Cruises, magic, mystery, exotic locations and a talking parrot. This looks like a brilliant series to start.

Victoria LK Williams


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