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K.E. O’Connor has several cozy /paranormal cozy series; Witch Haven Mystery series, Crypt Witch cosy mysteries, Lorna Shadow ghost mysteries, Holly Holmes baking mysteries, Zee Town paranormal cosy series and the Old Sarum mysteries series. Karen is from the United Kingdom and has received degrees in Archaeology and Cognitive Evolution.

Welcome to the magical mystery of Crimson Cove. A spellbound town full of puzzles and twisty turns. If you love charming magical towns, a cast of lovable characters, and plenty of twisty mystery, you’ll love the Magical Misfits whodunnits. Every Witch Way but Ghouls is book one in the series.

First in Series

Who is your protagonist’s sidekick?

Zandra Crypt is Juno’s sidekick witch. Juno is a magical talking cat and leads the mysteries in this series!

What role does the animal play in the story?

Juno is the boss! She’s an ancient demi-goddess who was trapped inside a cat. She’s got hundreds of years of experience (which doesn’t always make her right.)

Juno leads on the investigations, much to the annoyance of the angels who are supposed to maintain law and order in Crimson Cove.

Does your animal help or hinder your sleuth?

Juno is the sleuth. She’s usually helpful but can get distracted when hunting squirrels or keeping her witch safe.

Give us 1 example of the interaction between your main character and the Furry Sidekick

Taken from Chapter 1 of Every Witch Way but Ghouls!

A small black blur shot out of the hedge and whacked the side of Zandra’s head.

I launched into the air, my claws exposed and a murderous growl shooting out of me, but I was a second too late. The hedgehog pinged off Zandra’s cheek, leaving behind several poisoned quills.

She went to touch her face, but I sprung up and knocked her hand out of the way. “Get on the ground. I’ll extract the quills before the poison spreads.”

“But… the hedgehog! It’s getting away. This is as close as we’ve ever gotten.”

“Down! Now! If that poison gets into your system, you’re toast.”

Zandra dropped to her knees, and I hopped my front paws onto her shoulder and grabbed each quill between my teeth, yanked it out, and spat it on the ground. It must have hurt, but my brave witch didn’t protest.

She grimaced as the last one popped free. “You done?”

“One more thing. Think sparkly, happy thoughts.” I latched onto the side of her face and sucked the poison from each hole.

Zandra shrieked, since there was nothing I could do about my fangs, so she got a few extra holes in her face. But poison bested cat fangs, so she’d have to endure the pain.

Only when I was certain the foul taste of rotten eggs was no longer present on her skin did I stop sucking.

Zandra gingerly touched her swollen cheek. “I know I should thank you, but that burned like dragon’s breath after a spicy curry.”

I licked her cheek, then trotted off and lapped from a slushy puddle to clear the foul taste of poison from my mouth. By the time I was done, Zandra was pulsing a healing spell over her cheek. It took a few minutes, but the swelling faded and the holes closed.

“I see now why Barney doesn’t want to deal with these hedgehogs himself.” Zandra got to her feet and brushed dirt off her knees. “Or maybe this is hazing. All the new recruits get the lousy jobs to see if they can handle the pressure.”

“Barney wouldn’t do that to you. He’s a gentleman.”

“The others might.”

Zandra often reacted like a startled, magically enchanted hedgehog in circumstances she found uncomfortable. She’d fling out prickles and verbal barbs when trapped in an awkward situation. And when she’d met the rest of the team in animal control, things had been a little strained.

“They’ll come around once they get to know you.” I wound around her legs several times until she let out a sigh and petted me. “And although I’d rather these hogs were in their cages safely under lock and key, I admire their spirit. They’ve beaten us for days.” I walked along beside Zandra, sniffing the ground and hoping to find a fresh hedgehog trail.

Zandra scooped me up and settled me on her shoulder. “I sort of agree. We need a new approach, though. This stealth tracking isn’t working. The hogs must be able to hear us approaching. Even your delicate paws cause a vibration.”

“What do you have in mind?”

Is your book part of a series, if so, tell us about the series.

Every Witch Way but Ghouls is book 1 in a (so far) 7 book series. The Magical Misfits Mysteries features Juno – a talking cat. A special cat with magic. A cat who is not what she seems. She is so much more than a witch’s talking familiar.

Juno has a secret she’s hiding under her fluffy paws. A life-changing secret for her and the witch she’s bonded with.

To reveal that secret, she must teach her witch, Zandra Crypt, how to believe in magic, trust her strengths, and work with others to ensure the magical community of Crimson Cover remains safe.

But where there is power, there is danger, murders, and puzzles.

Can this plucky cat help her witch and solve the problem that’s been keeping her trapped for decades? The Magical Misfits Mysteries will answer this twisty problem for you.

Give the readers a hint of what’s to come for your character in future books.

Will Juno ever reveal her big demi-goddess sized secret to her sidekick witch? And what will happen when she does?

And what about her lost fluffy snuggle buddy, Sammy? Why is he being so strange?

And… will Juno evert catch a squirrel??

Newest Book in series

What great covers! I just love the white cat, unexpected in a world of black cats and witches. I hope you will enjoy Karen’s series and don’t forget to check out her other books.

Victoria LK Williams


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