Those Furry Friends #8


Sandra is a true animal lover and includes animals in most of her writing. She reads many books, but calls mystery and romance her favorites. She is also into yoga and gardening. Her Dog Detective Series features a wonderful Saint Bernard named Paw.

Amateur sleuth Clarissa Hayes and her mischievous Saint Bernard, Paw, are on the case, tracking criminals and murderers. While Clarissa questions the suspects, it’s her trusty canine sidekick who sniffs out the clues and collars the killers.

Who is your protagonist’s sidekick?
Paw, a mischievous Saint Bernard with a nose for trouble

What role does the animal play in the story?
Paw sniffs out clues and shows them to Clarissa. Also, he rescues her when she confrontations with suspects goes awry.

Does your animal help or hinder your sleuth?
He helps Clarissa most of the time but occasionally causes trouble or embarrasses her.

Give us 1 example of the interaction between your main character and the Fury Sidekick.
I lost my grip on Paw’s collar, and he jerked from my grasp. I landed on the hall floor with Bruce on top of me. Oomph! My breath rushed out of me.  As I tried to sit up, one of Matt’s Chihuahuas raced past me, chasing after Paw and the mastiff. I turned in time to see the dogs reach the elevator. By now, the guard and manager had risen to their feet, and Matt had stumbled out of his room. But Bruce and I were still half-lying in the middle of the hallway. Shelbee and Jac were trapped in our hotel room by Bruce’s and my legs. Bruce and I scurried to our feet in time to the ping of the elevator arriving. The elevator doors opened, and I breathed a sigh of relief that no one was on it. Who knew what the mastiff would do in his frantic state? The night manager and guard along with Matt and Bruce started running to the elevators. It looked like they were going to be able to corner the dogs safely. I assumed Paw was going to try to stop the mastiff from getting away. Imagine my surprise when Paw barked and led the dogs into the elevator.  I stood in shock. I didn’t know what Paw thought he was doing. It looked, though, like the guys were still going to be able to catch them. Then Paw gave me a pointed look as if to say, “follow me” and jumped up, hitting the inside panel of buttons on the elevator. The doors closed a second before the guys reached them. The indicator light’s down arrow turned green, and the elevator began its descent. Had Paw meant to do that?

Is your book part of a series, if so, tell us about the series.
Yes, it is part of A Dog Detective Series. There are short stories available under A Dog Detective Series as well and a spinoff series, A Clever Cat Detective Series. Paw is the central figure in the Dog Detective Series and Saber, a black cat, is the main sidekick in the Clever Cat Series. In the dog series, Paw is joined by his friends, Samuel and Bitsy, as he helps his owner Clarissa and her friends solve mysteries that mostly take place in their small town of Tranquil Valley. Paw meets his canine friends in the first book, Mastiffs, Mystery, and Murder when he enters a dog show as cover for Clarissa’s detective boyfriend. Paw is always by his owner’s side as she tries to solve cases involving her friends and family.

Give the readers a hint of what’s to come for your character in future books.
Paw’s adventures are just beginning. If a canine can be a detective, who knows what else he can accomplish? Knowing Paw, he will learn a new skill and sniff out more trouble. Perhaps he will even find romance.

The lastest book in the Dog Detective Series; Tails, Tuxedos and Trouble

Victoria LK Williams


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